Scheme Handler Incorrect Access Control: CVE-2018-15667 Scheme Handler Incorrect Access Control: CVE-2018-15667

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Airmail 3 for Mac

Scheme Handler Incorrect Access Control




Bloop S.R.L.


Airmail 3 for Mac

Product version


Vulnerability Details

Airmail for Mac registers and uses the airmail:// URL scheme. The "send" command in the URL scheme allows an external application to send arbitrary emails from an active account without authentication. The handler has no restriction on who can use its functionality. The handler can be invoked using any method that invokes the URL handler such as a hyperlink in an email. The user is not prompted when the handler processes the "send" command which automatically sends an attacker crafted email from the target account.

Vendor response

No response.

Disclosure timeline

08-06-2018 - Vendor disclosure via email
08-13-2018 - Vendor notified via Support Page
08-21-2018 - Vendor notified of the advisory release

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