VerSprite Research Team Offers Exploit Development Training VerSprite Research Team Offers Exploit Development Training

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Exploit Development Training

Intensive, Security Led Training Across Multiple Platforms

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VerSprite’s Research Division (a.k.a VS-Labs) is doing a security training that is disruptive to today’s status quo security training. Goal oriented, hands-on, instructor 1:1 time. No death by PowerPoint here or long security filibusters that pad the real meat behind most security courses. Come hungry, roll up your sleeves and learn to weaponize that keyboard.

VS-Labs full range of training will expand over time. Currently, our focus is around the following:

Android Exploit Development Training

The "Android Exploit Development Training" from VerSprite is an advanced course aimed to expose students to various Android vulnerabilities and exploit development techniques. Students will learn about and develop exploits for multiple vulnerability classes that impact Android. The training includes multiple labs that will provide hands-on experience with the following:

  • Building and developing Arm64 ROP chains and shellcode
  • Analyzing and writing chained exploits for logic and serialization vulnerabilities
  • Attacking Android WebViews
  • Kernel exploit development

Let us build a tailored engagement for you.

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