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Literary Antidotes for Today's Security Snake Oil

Exploiting XML Serialization in Python

Java Vulnerabilities

Lately I have been really interested in XML serialization vulnerabilities. There has already been some eye opening research into the vulnerabilities…

Force Feeding Enterprise Security Failures

Enterprise Data Security

Metaphorically speaking, force-feeding enterprise security solutions translates to the persistent push of the latest security products and solutions.

Error 500 | Exceptions That Will Get You Owned – BSidesATL 2013

Web App Security

This talk is about vulnerabilities discovered for Java Web Application Frameworks, leading to Error 500, their impact, and why they are never low risk.

Making Web Security PASTA – BSidesATL 2011

Web App Security

Today’s application assessment options are both misunderstood and misapplied when assessing web applications or any application environment. Often times, traditional security tools and testing methods seem to compete with one another instead of supporting a common goal.

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