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Solutions Inspired by Real World Security Challenges

High Impact Cybersecurity Solutions

The experience of a global security consulting practice has driven innovative ideas to flourish into VerSprite’s product engineering group. Created in 2018, the product group is focused on providing disruptive security solutions that bring innovation back to an industry struggling to develop high impact solutions that make an actual difference in carrying out various security activitites. From pen testing to threat modeling, our focus on security product development is aimed at simplifying security workflows that pin point security gaps.

Waypoint -

Threat Modeling Risk Platform

Waypoint is a threat guidance platform that helps clients automate, visualize and report on threats and business impacts. It operates well using the PASTA threat modeling methodology (Process for Attack Simulation and Threat Analysis) – a risk based threat modeling methodology. Learn More →

Waypoint’s focus is to foster the idea of 'building security-in' earlier within any SDLC methodology. The Waypoint threat guidance platform presents to developers, architects, engineers, and security professionals what components make up a given application and what inherent risk exists, and which vulnerabilities are viable for exploit based on likely attack patterns. View Waypoint Video →

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NuageNoir –

Cloud Pen Testing Service for Retailers & SMBs

Small business, retailers, and companies operating in the hospitality industry struggle to balance security with the never ending operational challenges. Left to manage IT and Security responsibilities often on limited budgets, shoring up security gaps that are business impacting can be a never-ending chore. NuageNoir is a self-service pen testing platform that helps identify network, system, and application vulnerabilities in and around card data environments, external facing networks or key internal systems.

Scythe –

Mobile Application Tool for Android and iOS Applications

Coming soon.

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