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DevSecOps: Automating Security Controls Through Both the Engineering and the DevOps Process

Integrating Application and Infrastructure Security Throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Shifting Security left

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Shifting Your Security Left

This webinar focused on how DevSecOps efforts are changing how we govern security controls via greater automation tools that are readily available to leverage.

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red teaming

As a company focused on simulating realistic attack patterns, VerSprite doesn’t negate the physical possibilities of intrusion. Offering both traditional red teaming exercises and a new variant called Organizational Threat Modeling exercises, we took traditional red teaming and leveraged the PASTA threat modeling framework to deliver attack simulations against organizations who wish to know the resiliency of their company from all angles. Whether you have a targeted need that is best served by a traditional red team, or would like a cyberthreat exercise that simulates the likely threat motives and underlying attack patterns against employees, vendors, physical locations, self-managed logical networks, and Cloud based services. More detail around both services is presented below.

Social Engineering

We strategically align your social engineering goals to your security awareness objectives as well as corporate security governance controls to provide the integrated approach. Learn how VerSprite’s red teaming exercises can align to both corporate governance reinforcement opportunities as well as measuring the real security awareness of company officials.

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