Cloud Computing Security with Cloud Security Assessment Platform Cloud Computing Security with Cloud Security Assessment Platform

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VerSprite's Software as a Service: Cloud Security Assessment Platform

Easily Manage Cloud Security Across Your Entire Cloud Environment

Cloud Management Platform That Allows Companies to Mitigate Threats and Remediate Vulnerabilities

For more mature organizations with internal cloud security teams, VerSprite’s enterprise-ready cloud security assessment platform helps improve cloud security management with its whole-environment view, risk prioritization, and immediate remediation recommendations.

By providing organizations with a comprehensive view of their security posture, CSAP offers clear visibility into an organization's cloud environment.

VerSprite's cloud security platform allows organizations to not only strengthen their cloud security risk management, but also increase their incident response time.

Identify Security Misconfigurations
That Could Undermine Your Cloud Adoption Strategy

With an exponential growth in enterprise data moving to the cloud, organizations must gain a clear understanding of how their overall cloud environment is positioned against standard security frameworks. As cloud security continues to evolve, organizations still have little or no visibility into the cloud service provider's (CSP) underlying infrastructure and the related security landscape.

VerSprite recognized this critical gap: the lack of visibility for security leaders to clearly understand how their cloud environments affect their security risk at a business level. VerSprite provides the business level view that is lacking in other Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) solutions. VerSprite's risk centric reporting tool allows business leaders to not only analyze their cloud security risks, but also visualize threats and their related business impact.

Cloud Security Assessment Dashboard
Cloud Security Assessment Dashboard
VerSprite's Cloud Security Assessment Platform (CSAP)
VerSprite's Cloud Security Assessment Platform (CSAP)

VerSprite-Managed Cloud Security
VerSprite specializes in providing clients cloud security assessments and services.

VerSprite specializes in conducting cloud security assessments and other advisory services. CSAP is based on VerSprite’s own Cloud Security Assessment Service, which focuses on conducting a point-in-time cloud assessment of a client’s CSP hosted infrastructure and reports on:

  • Security gaps in the configuration as defined by CIS, CSP and VerSprite best practices
  • Risk prioritization of all findings based on a business threat model
  • Detailed remediation instructions for each finding

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