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Security DevOps Services (SecDevOps)

VerSprite Helps Your Organization Cover Your Security Gaps

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Deploy and Maintain Secure Applications

For many organizations DevOps is outrunning application security. We find this is often because the specific skills that marry development and security are a scarce commodity.

With our extensive experience in developing and delivering both consumer and business products on a large scale, our SecOps team of developers will help your organization deploy and maintain secure applications.


Security Automation

Automated building, testing and deploying applications gives the consistency and velocity needed to support your customers with continuous updates. This level of automation provides an opportunity for including security best practices into the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

At VerSprite, our approach is to work directly with your development processes. We augment your process to by adding automated security gates and remediation. We support any number of CI/CD platforms including Jenkins, TeamCity and Bamboo. In addition, we work with your process for infrastructure as code whether it is with CHEF, Puppet or Ansible. Finally, we can support your delivery environment including container systems such as Docker and even container orchestration systems like Kubernetes. If you use it, then we will support it and automate it making for a seamless integration with your DevOps team.


Environment Hardening

Today’s application environments offer flexibility and scalability. Containers, auto-scaling, continuous integration and delivery have led to a high-level of application availability and resiliency. However the technologies and systems used to support this capability can be complex and require skill and knowledge just to operate.

Most organizations lack the security knowledge and time to understand and keep up with evolving threats. That’s where VerSprite DevSecOps steps in to help your organization properly secure these environments.

Through a risk-based approach customized for your business, VerSprite helps prioritize and then implement controls to secure your application environment. We leverage our knowledge along with security best practices specific to your chosen technology stack to make your environment not only resilient to downtime, but also resilient to attack. Through automated scripts built to work within your processes, we ensure your environment is configured to prevent any unauthorized access.


ISO 27001 Compliance

More and more customers are demanding that their applications are certified. A common and important certification for applications is ISO 27001. This certification defines and series of controls which ensure best practices and governance is applied to the organization that creates and maintains the application.

ISO 27001 certification is not a one-time event, instead it is a continuous process that tracks with the evolution and life cycle of the application.

We will leverage our product development and ISO 27001 knowledge and experience to help your organization and teams navigate through the not only the requirements, but also build process and automation to ensure your continuous compliance.

You should no longer fear certification and the audits that come with it. Let VerSprite show you how to turn ISO 27001 from a burden to an organizational strength.

We focus on solving unique problems for clients plagued with limited resources or costly 3rd party tools that under-deliver. From on-prem security automation that can facilitate better threat analysis to Cloud-based security auditing and hardening that is continuous and real time.

We are an international squad of professionals working as one.