True spirited consulting is about applying controls commensurate to security risk that affects business objectives. Regardless of whether your defining, managing, or optimizing security program, VerSprite delivers services aimed to fit your organization’s security maturity level. Explore more below.

Integrated Risk Management

Traditional risk management examines risk in IT and operational silos. Risks in one domain are not always reflected in the other, resulting in accepting more risk than you realize.

Integrated risk that aligns assets, controls and threats can enable a new model-business driven security. VerSprite helps security organizations draw a straight line from threat to business impact by using threat model to simulate attacks and prioritize effective security measures.

VerSprite uses PASTA methodology (process for attack simulation and threat analysis), to build customized security blueprints, driven by business.

Vendor Risk

VerSprite has the expertise to understand that vendor risk encompasses many layers: operational, technology, security, compliance, and legal risk. Unlike other consulting outfits, VerSprite does not engage in death by vendor audit questions. Our methodology centers around a contextual risk analysis of vendor services to our clients, coupled with security risk management frameworks that are relevant to your control objectives.

Interim CISO

Developing and managing a security program requires vision, experience, and an ability to make risk based decisions that supports business objectives. Our interim CISO services provide a team of seasoned risk professionals who know how to build a security program for any level of enterprise. From large global enterprise to SMBs, our interim CISO services ensure that a roadmap to building an effective and tailored security program is delivered.


VerSprite's Business Continuity Consulting Services prepares you for the unexpected in order to ensure that key service components of your business remain operational. Our range of BCM services include:

  • Continuity Planning Assessments
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Data/Asset Classification and Labeling
  • Third Party Dependencies
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Business Continuity Risk Assessment
  • Business Continuity Training & Awareness


Eliminate compliance dead weight. Let VerSprite create a hybrid control set integrates security controls with compliance requirements. VerSprite helps clients prepare for regulatory challenges in PCI-DSS, FISMA, FedRAMP, HIPAA, NERC CIP, ISO 27001, NIST CSF, HITRUST CSF and much more.

Data Privacy

Privacy violations largely stem from companies not knowing about their data ownership and usage. Complexities on how system interact challenge companies with not knowing enough about data flows. VerSprite provides an array of various privacy services that helps identify data flows and where privacy concerns are warranted.

Risk Assessment

In order to measure risk, a sustainable and repeatable process has to be in place. For many organizations, they have neither the time nor resources in order to achieve this. VerSprite provides managed risk assessment services aimed at discovering, evaluating, and communicating risk in a tailored format that exceeds simple common end-goal deliverables.

Security Testing and Research

Your adversaries are innovating faster than ever, attacking your systems, partners, buildings, and even your people. Yet your business demands more access to information than ever.

The complexity of the “battlefield” requires you to be equally adept at developing a strategic security roadmap, while managing the day to day responsibility to defend. With such broad requirements, each organization inherently has its unique strengths and weaknesses.

At VerSprite, we provide expertise and a delivery model that complements your organization. Whether you need a trusted “sounding board” to develop strategy or sharp practitioners to operate a WAF, VerSprite can customize an approach to help you fulfill your mission.

Penetration Testing

The key differentiator to a VerSprite pen test is in our ability to look at the bigger picture. By not limiting our approach to encompass only one set of controls (network, application, physical, system) to defeat, we are able to simulate a true attack scenario. A diverse range of tactics, tools, and talent support our team of pen testers in conducting internal and external penetration testing services. A true attacker will not stop if the front door of your network is locked and neither will we.

Application Security

To accurately and thoroughly assess the security of a web application requires not only a combination of automated and manual testing, but an understanding of the software behind the application. Gathering comprehensive information through reconnaissance and analyzing it effectively does not stop at running tools. Having a background in a wide variety of technologies leads to efficient use of attack vectors and successful security assessments.

Red Teaming

Our red team exercises are designed to be a comprehensive test of physical, logical, and process based controls. We use a combination of Physical, Social Engineering, Mobile, Web, Networking, and Wireless attacks to bring a full arsenal of security tests aimed at exercising your current defensive security posture. Want to measure response to red with your own blue team? Inquire about our purple team exercises.

Mobile Security Testing

Mobile applications are being deployed each and every day with a trove of vulnerabilities that find their roots in the lack of proper security assessments. VerSprite recognizes that mobile technologies are leading the future in enterprises and small businesses alike. We offer exclusive security services for Mobile Application Penetration Testing, Source Code Review, and Threat Modeling. Let us help secure and protect your application, product, and image.

Embedded Security Testing

Smaller systems provide a nested attack surface to larger host systems. With the rapid growth of wearables, implantables, and IoT related devices – security of embedded system software, firmware, and hardware is a growing concern. With hardware limitations, security design is often foregone for the sake of functionality. Let VerSprite examine your security products where security testing of embedded system software can provide greater security assurance against software exploitation, privacy risks, and even threats to personal well-being.

Physical Security Testing

Smaller systems provide a nested attack surface to larger host systems. With the rapid growth of wearables, implantables, and IoT related devices – security of embedded system software, firmware, and hardware is a growing concern. With hardware limitations, security design is often foregone for the sake of functionality. Let VerSprite examine your security products where security testing of embedded system software can provide greater security assurance against software exploitation, privacy risks, and even threats to personal well-being.

Organization Threat Models

Evolving beyond red teaming is VerSprite’s own organizational threat models. A great way to simulate real world cyber attacks, these engagements emulate real threat motives against your organization based upon threat intelligence on your industry, architecture, and data use. Organizational threat models provide living models on how a security program should apply defense in depth and considers a risk based approach by using viable attack patterns, business impact considerations, and weak or vulnerable entry points. Makes for a great pre-cursor to security awareness efforts at all levels of the organization.

Application Threat Modeling

Leveraging the company’s Process for Attack Simulation & Risk Analysis methodology, VerSprite’s threat modeling service focuses on viable attack patterns to your applications based upon its architecture model, employed data types, privilege model, and overall use cases. VerSprite constructs and tests abuse cases based upon current application threat patterns and industry accepted attack patterns. Often integrated into client’s SDLC activities, VerSprite can help bake security in earlier via its application threat modeling training and guided assessments with your developer and architecture teams.

Source Code Review

Code reviews help identify more system application flaws caused by insecure coding. Performing both manual & tool assisted static analysis hinges on knowing where to look and how to distinguish reoccurring coding flaws from false positives that are time consuming. VerSprite applies a threat modeling based approach to focus on lines of code related to application components/ use cases where abuse cases are most impactful.

Forensic Analysis & Compromise Assessments

Post breach or pre breach, there is a lot forensic evidence that could indicate a full network compromise, persistent malware presence or data exfiltration incident. Forensic analysis provides insight to how security incidents have occurred, via what attack vectors and by which threat agents. Compromised assessments aim to address the question of ‘Are you breached now?’ by leveraging a likely threat model for your business and conducting targeted forensic reviews to evaluate your compromised status.

Threat Vulnerability Management

Organizations that take a technology-‐based approach to security are often overwhelmed by a sea of data from scans, firewalls, threat feeds and logs, leaving little time to consider if detection and remediation strategies are truly improving security.

Understanding the context of your findings can help. Incorporating threat modeling allows you to understand business impacts of threats, providing a rational basis for security decisions, such as what to pen-‐test or if you should remediate.

VerSprite uses PASTA (process for attack simulation and threat analysis) methodology to model attacks on assets - whether they be your applications, data, people or organization. VerSprite can provide threat modeling as a service easily integrating into your DevOps process.

Threat Intelligence Research

Leveraging a tailored threat model that affects the industry of our clients as well as unique characteristics of our clients’ business, our team conducts threat intelligence research to correlate with probabilistic attack patterns to which clients can strategically address.

Log/ Event Monitoring

Many companies feel that they are drowning in a sea of chatty, security log data, often desensitized to event alerts across their environment. Using more advanced anomaly detection and correlation efforts to a client defined threat, VerSprite can help you help focus on the alerts that matter.

Threat Vulnerability Management

There is a lot of threat and vulnerability data out there and unfortunately most of it is not reliable. With dizzying amounts of data, knowledge of threat models to frame relevant threat intel and threat data is what VerSprite’s team of security engineers are tasked to provide. Our Security Operations team focuses on understanding your vulnerable technology points along with likely attack patterns in order to drive effective mitigation strategies.

Managed Vulnerability Assessment

Aimed at scanning, validating, and reporting vulnerabilities across client networks, systems, and application stacks. VerSprite delivers this as both a time based project or managed service for organizations that need qualified security engineers to identify false positives and triage vulnerabilities for remediation.