VerSprite’s Red Teaming Engagements

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), SMS Phishing (Smishing), Domain Spoofing, Human Hacking

Cybersecurity Threat Exercises

Simulate the Likely Threat Motives and Underlying Attack Patterns Against Employees, Vendors, Physical Locations, Self-Managed Logical Networks, and Cloud-Based Services


As a company focused on simulating realistic attack patterns, VerSprite doesn’t negate the physical possibilities of intrusion. Whether you have a targeted need that is best served by a traditional red team or would like a cyber threat exercise that simulates the likely threat motives and underlying attack patterns, VerSprite creates a customized red teaming engagement based upon a realistic threat model for your industry, industry sub-segment, and business model.

In addition, we strategically align your red teaming goals to your security awareness objectives as well as corporate security governance controls to provide the integrated approach. If your organization is looking to extend beyond robo phishing emails and non-imaginative red team engagements, come talk to us.