Geopolitical Risk Simulations

Stress-Test Your Organization

Prevent Financial, Operational, or Reputational Damages

Geopolitical Issues Can Quickly Manifest into Crises

Geopolitical issues can manifest into crises at the drop of a hat. Even with well-reasoned contingency plans and clever leaders guiding an organization, you don’t truly know how your organization will fare during a crisis until you put it to the test.

VerSprite designs and facilitates tabletop exercises that serve to stress-test your organization on mitigation strategies and assess your ability to address threats stemming from geopolitical causal factors. Following a review of your company’s risk exposure and current corporate processes, our experts gather and perform a hypothetical response exercise to various scenarios. The goal is to prepare for potential threats that could carry financial, operational or reputational damages.

After the hypothetical scenarios and tabletop exercises, VerSprite will provide clients with a summary report. Our security experts provide recommended changes to contingency plans and develop new mitigation strategies based on the company’s performance, root-cause analysis, and conclusions made during tabletop simulations.

Geopolitical Risk Content & Resources

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Each year, VerSprite’s dedicated team of cybersecurity experts monitors new threats, hacker activities, and developments in the geopolitical and cyber world to evaluate and analyze the risks and help organizations to better prepare and protect their assets from digital threats.

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