China and Higher Education

Executive Summary

In light of the growing need for academic institutions to secure themselves against Geo-Cyber threats, our group has been researching rampant attack patterns and implementing mitigation strategies so that higher education departments like yours do not become victims.

Student safety, wellbeing, and educational success, are the priorities of any global initiatives at a university, including its study abroad programs and strategic growth plans abroad. As you guide your institution’s efforts to best prepare your students for the globalized world, VerSprite is ideally positioned to be the partner you need to meet these goals. We are the only cybersecurity company with a geopolitical risk practice, and a trusted partner to help boost your university’s ability to manage risks associated with sending students abroad, expanding your presence around the world, and integrating with foreign academic organizations.

Our Geopolitical Risk Practice prepares students and university staff to travel abroad, and stay safe both physically and online. We perform due diligence on programs that you are considering, assess existing programs in cities and countries experiencing geopolitical changes, and prepare your students and staff to tackle a wide range of situations that may manifest during their travels via interactive simulations designed to test their decision-making skills and ensure they follow university rules and guidelines. We can train your students and staff to understand their cyber exposure to surveillance and IP theft, ensure they understand the risks of engaging in political activities abroad, and help keep their research safe.

As an example of our analysis, we have provided a short sample piece of guidance designed to help universities with programs in China start the process of addressing their own exposure to ongoing crackdowns and targeting of students at Chinese institutions. As with all of our services, we customize solutions precisely to your needs, and we would be happy to schedule a time to discuss how we can help you excel. For more information, please contact [email protected]