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A Geopolitical Perspective on Supply Chain Risks and Opportunities

GPR VerSprite ● December 17, 2020

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Supply Chain Attacks: Should Your Organization Be Worried?

Many sources estimate a 78% increase in supply chain attacks, with some organizations having experienced an attack at an average cost of $1.1 million each. VerSprite’s Geopolitical Risk team and Cyber Leadership and Strategy Solutions (CLASS-LLC) provide a fresh take on supply chain risks and opportunities.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How geopolitical risk and cybersecurity converge
  • The top issues related to supply chain cybersecurity threats
  • The critical concerns today in the supply chain space
  • The recommended mitigation strategies

Top Geopolitical Issues Related to Supply Chain Cybersecurity Threats

Geopolitical Risk Consulting

VerSprite’s Geopolitical Risk (GPR) practice focuses on mitigating cybersecurity risks foreshadowed by geopolitical occurrences. Our consultants help organizations by providing Enterprise Risk Assessments, Vendor Risk Assessments, and vCISO services that help companies create policies and procedures they can use to secure their gaps. Organizations can learn about their threat environments by contacting VerSprite’s security experts. Learn more →

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