Milena Rodban, VerSprite Geopolitical Risk Consultant Milena Rodban, VerSprite Geopolitical Risk Consultant

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Milena Rodban

Milena Rodban has years of experience in advising private firms, including tech companies, media organizations, non-profits, mining firms, and universities, to successfully navigate complex business and security environments.

Milena also designs and facilitates interactive simulations to help clients diagnose problems, analyze major decisions, and integrate more effective communication, collaboration, and crisis response protocols. She received her MA in Security Studies at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

Geopolitical Risk Consulting: VerSprite’s suite of Geopolitical Risk services will take your decision-making capabilities to the next level by introducing analysis that traces and captures root causes of the problems you are tackling or the threats you are facing.

VerSprite is the first cybersecurity consulting firm to build a division specifically dedicated to considering the intersection of geopolitical risk and InfoSec. Read our eBook to learn why we think this is so critical and why you should too.

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